Praise for Murder Between the Lines

"My favorite new crime fiction discovery is Radha Vatsal. A Front Page Affair and Murder Between the Lines, which feature lady journalist Kitty Weeks working her society beat in 1910s New York City, are utterly delightful and rich in city history from that time frame without overburdening the reader with research." Sarah Weinman, The Crime Lady newsletter #081.

"I really and truly could not put it down... Radha Vatsal succeeds once again in fleshing out a strong-willed, ambitious, and thoroughly delightful young heroine, who struggles against society’s restrictions on so-called career women, while solving crime—and writing news stories—with aplomb." Susan Elia MacNeal, New York Times-bestselling author of the Maggie Hope series

"Vatsal’s combination of a feisty protagonist with a tumultuous, fast-changing era remains a winning formula." Publisher's Weekly

“World history, science, the women’s suffrage movement, and the life and times of early twentieth-century America are skillfully woven through the story of a privileged young woman finding her place in the world..." Booklist

"Vatsal is an exceptional writer and gifted historian... [She] has successfully recreated the mood, the sights, smells and controversies of New York City in the years leading up to the deployment of American soldiers to fight in the Great War. As the United States enters into the centennial anniversary of America’s involvement in that war, Vatsal’s books allow us to reflect on the small fires that led to the conflagration, and they allow us to recognize that the fight for female equality is not a recent endeavor." Falls Church News-Press

"Vatsal’s young female journalist protagonist Kitty Weeks returns in this pacey, cleverly-plotted story... She mines [the medical history of the period] to great effect in the novel, both as a plot device for her mystery and to enrich the reality of Kitty’s world." E.M. Powell, The Big Thrill

"This lively mystery moves along at a good pace. The author has done her research well and skillfully weaves it into the story... I look forward to reading more of Kitty's adventures." Historical Novel Society

Praise for A Front Page Affair

"An impressively well written and consistently compelling read from beginning to end, Radha Vatsal's "A Front Page Affair" is the first book in what is justifiably expected to be an outstanding series featuring rising journalism star Kitty Weeks." Midwest Book Review

"Vatsal has clearly done her research on the geography and fashions of the period, but the novel's strength lies in its exploration of complicated wartime politics, and the difference between neutrality and innocence.  Rich with period detail and cameos from a few historical figures, A Front Page Affair is an appealing beginning to Kitty Weeks and her world." Shelf Awareness

"It is very rare to find a debut novel so well written and so engrossing. A Front Page Affair is on a par with the Maisie Dobbs novels of Jacqueline Winspear. More than that, Ms. Vatsal clearly understands the importance of creating an historical novel that transforms 1915 from a dusty, ancient year in America’s past, to a vibrant and dangerous time not unlike our own." Falls Church News-Press

"Reading a well-crafted historical mystery is always a pleasure and with A Front Page Affair, Radha Vatsal delivers precisely that."  The Big Thrill

"Vatsal ramps up the action in Kitty’s simple, rule-driven world to show how American women are beginning to shape their country in previously unheard-of ways. Delightful, intriguing, and relevant historical fiction!" Historical Novels Review

"This is a well-thought-out mystery novel, combining historical fiction and feminism with a determined and brave protagonist ready to chart new mysteries and new paths for herself." Mystery Scene  

"“Vatsal‘s debut... doesn’t read like a first novel. First novels aren’t supposed to be this self-assured, or detailed, or full of three-dimensional characters (both real and fictional) who vividly bring the 1910s to life... Framed against the backdrop of World War I, and tackling cultural issues that still resonate today, it’s impossible not to let yourself slip into the novel.” —E.A. Aymar, ITW The Thrill Begins, Debut Author Spotlight

“The fascinating historical details add flair to this thoroughly engaging mystery starring an intelligent amateur sleuth reminiscent of Rhys Bowen’s Molly Murphy. Vatsal’s debut will leave readers eager for Kitty’s next adventure.” Booklist

"[A] spirited debut...Vatsal deftly intertwines the tumult of the era, from emerging women's rights to spreading international conflict, into this rich historical." Publisher's Weekly

"The fascinating historical details add flair to this thoroughly engaging mystery starring an intelligent amateur sleuth reminiscent of Rhys Bowen's Molly Murphy. Vatsal's debut will leave readers eager for Kitty's next adventure."" Booklist

"This lively and well-researched debut introduces a charming historical series and an appealing fish-out-of-water sleuth who seeks independence and a career in an age when most women are bent on getting married, particularly to titled Englishmen.  Devotees of Rhys Bowen's mysteries will enjoy making the acquaintance of Miss Weeks." - Library Journal-Starred, and Debut of the Month

“This first in a planned series is a nice combination of mystery and thriller seasoned by historical facts and a look at women's lives before woman's liberation.” - Kirkus


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Notice published by the German Embassy in April 1915 warning American travelers intending to sail to Europe on British ships.